CorePower Yoga– Yoga Sculpt

Morning world! It’s October 3, 2017 and I am currently in my health services class for Health behavior education and promotion. It starts at 10:30AM so I’ll have a few minutes here and there to write up this blog post.

Last week, I took up an adventure to try the pure barre free week offer; which wasn’t too bad since I have taken Pure Barre several times before. I was slightly sore after the first two classes on Monday and Tuesday which I took consecutively, but I wasn’t as sore on Thursday morning and Sunday morning which I took before church.

Since my offer had ended on Sunday, I contemplated about joining the PureBarre student offer for the Open Barre Pass, which is only 99$ a month and I get the first month 79$ since I completed at least 3 days of the first week free challenge. But then, I saw that CorePower Yoga which is actually closer to my apartment studio offered a week free trial as well, so I took up on the offer as well and took the Yoga Sculpt class yesterday and today, both of which were at 7:00 AM. Yesterday, I did not know how to fuel my yoga practice so I just had a little granola and coffee, but today I woke up at 6:30AM, drank a cup of lemon water, and headed straight to the class. Today was another instructor, and I’m not sure if it’s because it’s my second day consecutively, or I did not have anything in my stomach before the yoga workout, but it felt a little more challenging and rigorous slightly than yesterday. But then again, it could be because the instructors teach differently and the types of movements were a little more challenging today than yesterday.

A few highlights for today:

  • yesterday I went by Crossroads Trading Co. (thrift shop) and I got a nice deal of a VERY GOOD CONDITION Patagonia fleece (pullover) my size for $28
  • emailed my favorite UW professor and got very good response from her– she agreed to meet up with my separately and get to know each other more and about the programs and her research/community participation
  • I also emailed the UW MPH-RD graduate program counselor/department about the program and apparently the professor mentioned my name and interest! Yay yay yay! Good news/signs for me.
  • I ran across the professor today before this class while waiting by the coffee line; so delightful to see her and run into her!
  • I have work at 3PM; time for free food and good company. I love work.

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