pre-workout log 8/29/15

From now on, I want to log my workout(s) like HIIT or running. I was planning on doing three circuits each repeated twice but things didn’t work out since I ended up going shopping and eventually got lazy and distracted. SO, tomorrow morning, first thing I do when I wake up is drink warm lemon water, eat a nutritious and fueling breakfast of grapefruit, toast w/ almond butter, and banana. then I will go ahead and GET MY ASS TO WORK!!

Tomorrow’s workout:

warm up: 10-15 minutes jumprope

workout: circuit(s) logged on phone!! includes burpees, (jump) lunges, thrust jumps, x-jumps, planks, push-ups, bunny hops.

cool down: stretching!

~7:45 to 8Am I WILL START THE WORKOUT!! Either do jumpropes outside and come in room to workout OR JUST GO TO THE PARK AND DO IT!! GOGOGO!!

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