Not working out part #1


This morning, I woke up at 5:39Am.. then slept until 6AM and got up, ready to work out. For breakfast, I ate a cup of oatmeal with chia seeds, raw fit powder, cinnamon, a small plum, and 1/2 a peach. And you can’t forget the almond milk!

I’m currently eating watermelon and listening to “Barista Blend” playlist on my spotify.

I was supposed to go workout with my brother today but he threw up and didn’t feel well so we didn’t end up going. At first, I felt rather weird this morning. I felt negative. Once again, I got tempted and weighed myself. I’m so sorry to myself for judging myself and day by the way I react to my weight on the scale. It’s so sad that a part of me still does this, but remember, progress not perfection. Progress takes time so be patient..

At first, I was like “omg I’m gonna get so fat, I’m going to gain weight, omg… my metabolism…” but then now that I think about it, it’ll be OK. It’s important to give my body rest, especially after having run nearly 5 miles non-stop yesterday which is actually a really big step/improvement! I don’t want to tire out my body too often, and I don’t want to work out if my reason behind working out is so that I can lose more weight or be skinny or skinnier than someone else. No. I need to set my intentions straight. Now I’m going to work on my SPCH assignment and look up healthy recipes, and enjoy this freaking day even though I didn’t get to exercise or workout because life is too short to waste on focusing on those stupid things. I’m going to be productive and have an awesome day, and then go to work.

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