Buckwheat Banana Tea Bread

Greetings all, how are you doing?

I haven’t been on wordpress lately even though I really want to. I really want to keep track of all my progress, accomplishments, hardships, and memories but lately I’m taking classes at a nearby community college and working at a Japanese Sushi Restaurant. I’ve been getting a lot of tip, but I keep spending it.. Especially on whole foods/holistic nutritious food, super foods, enzymes/probiotics/medicine…. It’s okay, I’m getting my paycheck soon anyway!

I’m trying to make daily exercise a habit and routine, so I can continue to stay healthy and fit. I honestly LOVE exercising early in the morning, whether it may be a short or long run, or some HIIT! I love know the fact that I can wake up and start my day with exercise, wake my body and soul and mind using the gym Mother Nature has provided for me… And eating great breakfast food. My go-to and must-have food is oatmeal. I realized breakfast is so important to me personally, and my day feels a little off if I don’t have my daily grapefruit/citrus fruit with oatmeal and banana and other toppings.

Whenever my brother goes to the gym in the morning.. or more like when I drag him there, I just do some Way of Gray or Kayla Itsines at a park right next to the gym. I also warm up by doing around 10-15 minutes of jumprope. I honestly LOVE it because it challenges me mentally and physically, and I love knowing how strong I really am.

I love the runs too. Lately I’ve been increasing my miles weekly… daily.. little by little. I’m learning to be more appreciative and patient, and respectful and loving to my body. It does so much for me and it hurts to know that I don’t always treat it well. It’s all progress though, isn’t it?

Lately I have been weighing relatively low.. around 88.2-89 pounds, but maybe this is how my body was meant to be. I am a relatively small person so… and my mom is really skinny too. And since at work I have to carry stuff around often like plates/food/etc, I’ve been gaining a lot of strength and arm muscle. Yay!!

Anyways, I have my math midterm tomorrow for Math 1B (second part of calc) and I am just going to go with the flow. I tried and I know I will do well.

I’m currently eating the carrot banana bread I made a few nights ago. I won’t share the recipe just yet, since I still have to fix some things around a lot, but honestly, it’s so yummy! I honestly do fear eating foods that I don’t know the calories or nutritional values of, but I know this bread is so super duper healthy that it doesn’t matter. I just need to eat one serving, which is around 1-2 pieces from the total 10 pieces that can be made. It’s gluten free, salt-free, sugar-free… so wonderful! It contains buckwheat flour, walnuts, banana, coconut oil, coconut shreds, almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla powder, and grated carrots. Maybe next time, I’ll use vanilla extract instead of the vanilla powder, I’ll put in some nutmeg, test around with applesauce to make it slightly more moist?, play around with chia seeds, and maybe some dried fruit like raisins!

I’m thankful I am able to provide my body with so much nutritious food, and I will not fear it. It keeps me alive and thriving. Time to drink more green tea 🙂

Here’s a very terrible, quick picture of how it looks when cut. Featuring the mango seed and plum that I ate on the side for my post-workout snack heh



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