May 16th, 2014

This morning, I woke up naturally by the beautiful sun shine at 5:43 AM. I was so relieved to know I woke up early. Then I went back to sleep for another 30 minutes or so and woke up at 6:15 AM. For breakfast, I had my overnight oatmeal with cacao powder, chia seeds, and almond milk alongside a banana and half a grapefruit. It was so yummy! 

For a snack, I ate an apple and almonds. I wasn’t very hungry for some reason, but I’m still thankful i wasn’t hungry. But to increase my metabolism, I had to eat so I ate. I’m still super thankful I got to eat.

I remember how last night, I felt the rush of endorphins fill my body as I ran. It was an amazing feeling, and I want to experience that feeling again. So, I’m going to go on a short run again at night after dinner, perhaps 8PM. The sun is setting at around that time so it should be fine. Plus the weather is so nice!

For lunch, I’m going to eat my ‘rice” bowl of red leaf lettuce, half an avocado, 3 oz tofu, kabocha squash, and MAYBE a side of strawberries if I’m still hungry. Yumyum! I love kabocha squash so much..

In the afternoon at around 3PM-dinner time, my friend and i are planning to watch spiderman! I haven’t watched it yet, so i’m excited! it’s a break from all this stress and schoolwork… speaking of break from school, monday is senior ditch day. I’m probably going to ditch for the first three periods and just come for 4th period, and then go back home for 5th period. I honestly do not give a crap anymore, but I’m scared I might have a test in spanish class so I must show up, heh.

I have way too many things coming up these next few days… ugh so stressful.

Oh and my weigh-in: 100.4 pounds..

When I get back home, I have quite a few things I have to do. First, I will go fill up gas, go grocery shopping for my veggies, eat lunch. I will then do a bible QT, read a bit of my korean good words book that my mom gave me, work on the screenplay, sort all things for my physio final which is in a week from today, go out to watch spiderman with my friend, come back home and eat dinner. For dinner, I will eat a quinoa bowl with broccoli, carrots, green leaves, and falafel! Or something like that… heh do you guys ever get excited about eating food? I sure do! especially healthy food. ❤

After dinner, I’m planning to go running at around 7:45PM or 8PM. It’ll just be around 4 miles, maybe. a little less or more. still exercise!

Then I will start studying for my AP Government final and then go to sleep! 

Thanks for reading.



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