April 24, 2014

This morning i ate my chocolate overnight oats in a jar with a banana and strawberries. i also had a cup of coffee…. i tried so hard to give up coffee for a week but it didn’t work. I couldn’t do it. So I just didn’t make it as concentrated… put half a tablespoon less today. But it was still amazing, oh my goodness. And my overnight oats were pretty amazing too, but I couldn’t finish it. But it’s ok, food is made to go to waste. It’s ok to throw it away.

For a snack, I brought apple slices and almonds. For lunch, I might have a cup of fruit like blueberries and pineapple/watermelon alongside some essential flax bread with avocado.. but my avocado is still frozen. So i might have greek yogurt for lunch. Or oatmeal..?! Or a sushi bowl. Meh, we’ll see. And then for dinner, I’ll have a rainbow sushi bowl once again, ehehe. So yummy. And at night, I’m planning to go to zumba! So exciting. 

I was supposed to have a physiology exam today but it got moved to Monday, so thank you Lord. 

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 AM to study for my math test, which in fact I aced–jk it was alright, but I started my day off with a daily QT and I read Lamentations 3:13-26. 

Well today, I’m not sure what I’ll do later tonight but I will study for AP tests, I guess.

Thanks for reading.



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