April 23rd, 2014

Good morning, everyone! Happy post-Earth day. This morning, I had a very balanced breakfast.. a half grapefruit and essential flax bread toast with almond butter, chia seeds, and banana coins from one medium ish big banana. I’m really full right now, but not feel bad about myself so thank you, Lord. 

Yesterday, I made an official agreement with a girl who’s a resident at UW. I’m really excited about rooming with her, and I believe I can grow spiritually with her accountability. It will be good, and for God’s purpose. He has a plan for me, so no need to worry..

and i also wrote a letter in regards to the financial “aid” or the loan I was offered at UW. I compared it to the amount i received at University of Illinois, urbana-champaign. I hope I get some grants or scholarships … not loans. ugh.

For a snack, I brought a dark chocolate & sea salt KIND bar. It’s a fear food to be honest, because of the saturated fat and high amount of calories but I know it’ll be fine, and I will not gain weight.

For lunch, I’m not sure what to eat but I know I’m going to eat salmon for sure. Maybe I’ll eat salmon, lentils or quinoa, and sweet potato or scrambled eggs.. eggs don’t sound too bad but that’s a whole lot of protein and i don’t want to depend too much on protein. Or maybe I’ll eat salmon for dinner, we’ll see.

I have to study a lot for my physiology and statistics class.. I have two tests tomorrow but I barely studied.. oops.

I’ll just drink coffee and study a lot when I get home. For a snack, I need to eat up the fruit I have at home. With greek yogurt, yay. Yummy.

Thanks for reading! Now it’s my time to go read a book I was supposed to read for my spanish class…



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