April 2, 2014

This morning, I had my usual breakfast which was essential flaxseed bread with almond butter, chia, seeds, and banana coins. I also had a side of strawberries. My stomach hurt in the morning.. and my stomach still hurts quite a bit right now. I’m not sure if it’s a stomachache cause I didn’t eat enough or if it’s a PMS cramping..

For a snack, I brought a KIND bar! It’s the pomegranate blueberry & antioxidants bar. I’m excited about it. I’m trying my best to create a healthy, good relationship with food. If I’m hungry, I’ll feed myself with some nutritious food. If I’m 80% full, I’ll stop since I can save it and eat it another time.

For lunch, my friend wants me to take him out to a restaurant called “Freebirds”. It’ll be his first time there, so might as well. I’m supposed to go to a meeting but I’d rather now. As for me, I’m planning to eat spring mix salad with avocado and two hard-boiled eggs with a side of sweet potato. Tonight, I’m going to go to the gym and have my cardio run on the treadmill and then maybe do weights for my arms today… Hehe, I’m excited. BUT before that, I need to read for my AP Gov test tomorrow. I’m so not ready but I really don’t give a crap about how I’ll do. 

As for an afternoon snack, maybe I’ll eat greek yogurt with pineapples and strawberries. And then for dinner, I’m planning to have brown rice with spring salad mix, salmon, green beans, and maybe even steamed carrots. Yum!

Thanks for reading.



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