March 31, 2014

Good morning everyone! Happy last day of March! March went by so quickly especially because of the college admission stress…I’m so thankful for being blessed with the best family and their love and support. I have been helped out from the beginning and will be supported until the end. I’m really burdened by the tuition so I hope University of Washington would give me really good financial aid. 

This morning, I ate a bowl of oatmeal with banana and chia seeds. Oh and a cup of black coffee! I love my coffee WAY too much to give it up a bit… I made my brother’s lunch (the usual sandwich) with trail mix, granola bar, and lemonade juice pouch. Last night, I was so into finding my roommate and other prospective UW students! There’s a “private” community online and I inputed my information/interests/etc and two people have messaged me so far! I’m hoping for someone who’s nice, accepting, not annoying, somewhat of an introvert/quiet, manages studies, and is Korean… and especially since I have my eating disorder, I hope my roommate doesn’t care about what I eat or what I do. Sigh, worries and troubles and struggles… oh dear.

For my snack, I brought a Lara Bar–> Peanut Butter and Jelly! I’m so excited to eat it because it’s my first time trying that flavor. Lara Bars are generally really tasty so I guess I can say I’m excited! For lunch, I’m planning to have either sushi roll or a sushi bowl.. depending on how hungry i get by lunch. In my quinoa sushi/sushi bowl, I want to put grated carrots, sliced cucumber, and avocado! And then maybe I’ll have a side of starfruit OR an apple. If I end up eating a sushi bowl, I will add in chopped romaine lettuce.

Tonight, I might go workout/go to a Body Attack or Body Combat session at the YMCA. I’m excited! For dinner, I’m planning to have a salad bowl with cucumber, chicken breast, and broccoli with a side of hard boiled eggs or something. Gotta intake protein and more calories so my metabolism doesn’t slow down. Woohoo!

Thanks for reading.



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