March 27, 2014

I still have a small ray of hope. for UC Berkeley and Cornell University. The results come out at 5PM and 2PM, respectively. To be honest, I doubt I have a chance of getting into either schools.. maybe a really small chance but let’s see what happens at that time!

Anyway, this morning, I ate essential flax bread with banana slices, almond butter, and chia seeds with a side of strawberries and a cup of green tea. I’m still pretty full from my breakfast, so yay! I’m thankful for being able to eat the foods I ate. 

For lunch, I’m going to Whole Foods Market with a friend.. I probably won’t get anything since I want to eat at home, but maybe I’ll get a smoothie or what not just so my friend doesn’t feel awkward just eating in front of me.. or I’ll buy something for my parents. 

Last night, I went to the gym and did a short cardio on the treadmill, only running 2.5 miles and walking .32 miles. I wasn’t feeling very energetic before that, but afterwards, I felt so much better! I’m thankful I had the opportunity to go to the gym and exercise, and release happy endorphins, yay!

Today, I’m planning to go grocery shopping later for apples, rice seasoning, romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumber, asparagus (maybe), romaine lettuce, and bananas. Yay, exciting.

I’m most likely going to go to zumba tonight or I’ll just go do cardio and lift some weights..focuses on the arms today.

I really wish i can go running outside though.. but the weather is cold. Maybe I’ll go, maybe not. We’ll see how I feel after lunch.

Thanks for reading.



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