March 19, 2014

On Friday UCLA results come out. And UC Irvine results come out. I’m honestly pretty scared but I think by now, I’m pretty used to the rejections. I get hope from my loved ones and God, especially. He keeps motivating me and showing me His grace and His glory and His love to get through the day through my surroundings. He has provided me with so much blessings, an unimaginable and uncountable amount. I’m truly blessed and filled with happiness by that thought. I will continue to trust Him because I know He has a plan for me and I shall find rest in Him because my life is in His one and only hands. He will not hurt me or cause any wrongs/bads for me. He wants the best for me and wants me to succeed…

But man, I really want to go toward Human Biology/Health and Physiological sciences to get ready for medical school, do well on my MCAT, go to med school, start off being a pediatrician, and go to a third-world country and help out the children and adults that need help. I want to show the love that God has provided and shown me throughout my life. I believe I can serve the LORD that way, even if it may not change the world, it’ll do some good for my lovely brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Anyways, this morning I ate half a grapefruit with a banana and my overnight cocoa oats. It was so amazing!! For a snack, I brought a KIND bar –> madagascar almond vanilla bar and although it is high in calories, I shall eat it because it’s healthy and I do not want to be in starvation mode. Plus, I’m thankful for being able to eat the snack bar since it’s so expensive and nutritious and not many other people out there would be able to eat it anytime they want.

Thanks for reading.



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