Yesterday’s spontaneous mini-hike

Yesterday, I went on a hike to take a break from writing my paper. I talked to God a lot, and I realized how blessed I am. I really am blessed. Why? Because everything around me seems so in-sync, and beautiful. I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in such a safe, beautiful, quiet, calm city that brings me joy. The sunshine is BEAUTIFUL and the weather/temperature was JUST PERFECT. Although this is such a stressful time because of finances and academics/colleges, I’m really thankful that my life is in good hands. I should not worry because God already set an amazing plan for me!! He does not want me to fail. He wants me to prosper and be happy and live my life for Him. And I will continue to live my life for Him, and ONLY Him. I find Him to be SO full of surprises, especially funny and good surprises. The not-so-funny-nor-good surprises aren’t bad. They’re necessary. They’re just different from what the imperfect, worldly ME desired, but I know God knows what He’s doing and wants the BEST for me. So He is leading my path and future, and I will continue to trust Him not matter what comes at me. He is good and I believe ALL things work together for His good and His way. 


Thanks for reading!



P.S. I just woke up at 5:30 AM today to finish writing my lit essay that’s due today but started last night..ehehe. Well time for my morning coffee, post-green-tea drink! As well as bread and banana and peanut butter and chia seeds for breakfast. YumYumYum!

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