An Important Discussion

Yesterday there was a fortune cookie in the kitchen so I opened it up and read the fortune. It said, “An important discussion will take place tonight”. I was wondering whether that meant between me, or between other people. While I was eating dinner, my mom came and sat next to me. We didn’t talk much since I was eating and she was on her phone, playing games. And then I asked her, “Is there anything specific you want to talk to me about? Anything in particular? Anything important?” 

She told me there was nothing in particular she had to or wanted to talk about. She just wanted to be with me as I ate my dinner so I wouldn’t be lonely. I finally came to realize that what the “important discussion” meant… might have been a simple conversation between my mom and me. Any discussion or time spent with a loved one is important. Anything we do, say, or think about or with each other is considered important. So yes, we may not have talked about anything IN PARTICULAR, but hey, I got to spend time with my mom. And family is definitely the number one thing on my list of priorities and importances. 

God is good. He allowed me to realize how even simple, short conversations or time spent with my mom is so precious and important, especially since I’ll be going off to college in less than half a year. Time flies by too quickly.. and I’m going to embrace and be grateful for every single moment I am able to spend with my loved ones, especially my family.

Thanks for reading.



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