Meeting new people at college..

I’m really excited to meet new people at university next year. I really need new people in my life. Not because I’m tired of the ones that are already in my life or because I don’t like them; it’s because I like meeting new people and seeing how different each single individual is from another. There are so many things I’m looking forward to in college like housing/dorming, lectures (I LOVE lectures. I hate class activities), and basically living independently. But I know I’m going to miss my parents more than I’ll miss anyone or anything else in the world. 

But I’m really scared of who I’ll meet.. what kind of influence will they have on my life? Will they make me relapse? Will they make my eating disorder return even though I worked so hard to get rid of it? How fat will I get? How much weight will I gain? Lose? How much of an impact will they have on me? …There are so many more questions that are rolling around in my head right now, but I’m just really excited more than I’m scared. 

I’m so excited for college even though I haven’t declared/received admissions yet.. EXCEPT for the two schools I already got into. But I’m most likely not going to attend the two schools.. :/

Thanks for reading.



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