March 10, 2014

This morning I’m not feeling too great about my body image..

It’s probably because I have to pee, feel bloated, and am really, really tired.

This morning, I ate oatmeal with banana and half a tablespoon of almond butter with a side of half a grapefruit. Ugh, I still feel full from last night though.. cause last night I ate WAY too much. Before dinner, I ate a serving of baby carrots with a teaspoon of roasted garlic hummus. For dinner, I ate half a cup of quinoa, 3 oz of chicken breast, stir-fry crimini mushrooms and onions and zucchini.. And I made steamed carrots and broccoli but I wasn’t able to finish it since I was way too full. I also had a bowl of korean seaweed soup that my mom made a few days ago. First of all, I ate way too much protein in one day because I ate tuna earlier for lunch yesterday.. And I had greek yogurt (nonfat) and then chicken. My body was unable to digest all of that protein. So for the next few days, I’m going to give my body an easier time and cut down on my high (“accidental”) protein intake. Ugh, I’m feeling so gross, undigested, and bloated…and tired!!

For a snack, I brought a sweet potato which was nearly 200 grams.. I’m trying to balance my intake but also make sure I’m packing in more calories since I’m lacking a lot of calories. It’s really hard though to be honest.. And for lunch, my friends want to go out and i guess I will but when I get back home, I’m planning to eat a sandwich with essential flax bread, turkey breast, greek lettuce, and mustard with a side of baby carrots with hummus. And maybe even half an apple, yummy.

I’m going to go running outside around 430 later on today! I’m pretty excited..Although, I do want to go to the gym.. but maybe I’ll go tomorrow for zumba, or I’ll go on Wednesday for zumba cardio and weight lifting. Okay, funny story time..

A few days ago, I ran to the gym which was only around 3.66 miles. I went to a zumba class and then decided to go lift a bit of weights afterwards while waiting for my mom to pick me up. I felt so weird being in the weights section. There were men/women who were all experienced and lift weights regularly and then.. there’s me. A short, small thin, and non-muscular asian girl trying to get some strengthening workouts with 3-4 pound dumbbells. A man even chuckled/giggled a little bit after seeing me… ):

It’s ok, I will get better and be more fit and healthy. I can do this.

I’m just having a really bad, bloated, tired image day today. I hope it’ll be better.

ALSO, I got two free samples of quest nutrition bars. I requested for the samples of Strawberry Cheesecake and Cinnamon Roll. I’m pretty excited for what’s to come. Hopefully they’ll taste good. But I’ll intake them after giving my body a bit of rest from protein. 

I just realized it’s March 10th…. that means colleges come out really really soon. Boston University emailed me and told me their college notifications are released on march 22nd. And the UC Irvine, SB, and Davis are most likely to come out around March 15th…. and even later on until end of March. So scared, but I know God has a plan for me. It will all be alright. 

Thanks for reading.



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