March 5, 2014

It’s currently 9:22AM and I’m in my AP Government class. It felt weird driving myself to school without my brother. My brother had an orthodontist appointment in the morning and my mom took him, so I was left to drive on my own… It was quite nice I suppose.

This morning, I had half a grapefruit from two days ago that I forgot to eat… and my overnight oats. In my jar of overnight oats, I put in half a cup of rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, and cacao naturally unsweetened powder. I had a banana and a half with my oats. It was so yummy.. I enjoyed it very, very much.

On my way driving to school, I felt really happy and good, especially since my stomach felt really flat and “content”. But I feel like this hunger feeling is from dehydration!! Gotta hydrate myself throughout the day. Yay.

I brought a sweet potato about 180 calories to snack on. It’s going to have enough carbs and fiber to last me until lunch which is around 12:45 PM ish. I’m excited about my meals today because they’re really balanced and I’m trying really hard to let myself eat more. I dropped from 106.8 to 105.5 pounds this morning… I know it might be from water weight but at the same time, it can be partly from my body weight overall.

For dinner, I’m planning to eat a salad with my pre-made tuna salad mix with mustard !! Maybe I’ll put in some quinoa and have a side of hard boiled eggs ?



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