KIND bars and LARABARs

Lately, I’ve been pretty interested in buying KIND bars and LARABARS. They’re both pretty high in sugar, especially lara bars. But that’s naturally high in sugar because of the dates, so it’s still fine and healthy. As long as I have it in moderation. As for KIND bars, they’re high in calories because of the nuts and honey and healthy fats. I really want to go to Costco sometime soon with my parents to check out the box of KIND bar snacks. Maybe I’ll buy some after my brother and I finish the granola bars we already have at home..

We have the Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bars at home. That has added sugar and canola oil and corn flour so I don’t really like them, but I guess they’re healthier than protein bars like Luna and Clif bars. I guess I’ll have some in moderation. They’re so delicious though. Even though the KIND bars have sunflower oil like in the dark chocolate cherry cashew & antioxidants bar. But has LESS refined sugar than Nature Valley bars.. but nature valley bars have canola oil which are healthier than sunflower oil.

Ah, maybe they both are similar in nutritional value. Who am I kidding. KIND bars are definitely healthier because of the less sugar and MORE nutritional values from healthy fats. 🙂

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