February 28, 2014

It’s finally the last day of February. February went by really really quickly, actually. A lot quicker than I thought & expected. Maybe it was the break we had in the middle of February. Anyways, tomorrow is March 1st!! I’m really nervous and stressed and scared and anxious about March because that’s the month when all the rest of my college admission letters come out! Even though I got into two pretty good schools here in the United States, I’m still not fully satisfied and extremely scared. I just want to go to UCLA, UCSD, or Berkeley, dangit. But then again, those are pretty hard schools to get into. Even UCSD would be fine..

This morning I was getting ready for school when I got a text from my mom saying I should be careful and drive safely. I’m so thankful for such an amazing, caring, worrying mother. I’d rather have her NOT worry but her worries show how much she loves me. And watches out for me. I love her so much. I hope she got home safely as well.

This past week has been really great. A few days ago, it started raining. A lot. The weather/climate is pretty nice.. really humid and warm. But the rain is making everything perfect. It didn’t really rain yesterday, but it’s raining again today! Woohoo! On my way to school this morning, I was jamming in the car to the song, “Happy” while stuck in traffic. My brother seemed to be quite embarrassed of me. Uh well. Gotta love him. And me, of course. 

I just had an AP Stats quiz… I’m not sure if I did anything correctly. But I’m not sure if I did anything wrong. Apparently a lot of other students feel like me, so uh-well. Right now, I’m in AP Government, and the teacher is lecturing. But here I am writing on my blog, woohoo. The sun is slowly coming out and it’s not raining anymore. I really hope it starts raining again.

Later for lunch, I’m meeting up with my youth pastor at Whole Foods. I’m so excited to eat lunch with her. I’m so thankful for such an amazing pastor like her! She not only cares about the children that she’s serving but also highly respects the adults. God is truly so, so good.

Maybe after school, like in the mid-afternoon, I might go for a run if it’s not raining and is sunny. My friends want to go to CREAM but to be honest, I don’t even like that stuff. Plus, it’s pretty cold for ice-cream and cookies…. 

I’d rather have oatmeal and coffee.. even at night!!

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