Fear food & nearly 8 miles

Today, the weather was BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. Especially around the afternoon, it was perfect running temperature. I was originally planning on biking to the gym with my brother’s bike (around 3.8 miles from home to destination) and workout, do cardio, etc and then bike back home. But I wanted to run.

I ran from around 3:50 to around 5:45PM. I ran nearly 8 miles..ok not entirely.. I RAN FOUR MILES a little less or more I guess. And then I walked the last remaining four ish miles to “cool off”. I didn’t want to strain my legs too much and overwork them like what happened last year… ooooh bad memories.

Anyways, after my long cardio/run, I ate my fear food!! Rice. Not JUST brown rice, but with a mix of black rice, white rice, and kidney and/or garbanzo/chickpeas. I ate about 1/4 cup of rice, 4 oz of chicken breast (1 poached and the remaining braised in my mom’s homemade sauce), a lot of stir-fried seaweed stem mix, and veggies. I tried roasting my veggies but they were still really hard and uncooked so I saved the ones I didn’t touch for tomorrow’s dinner. I also had a bowl of oxtail broth soup made by my one and only mother!!

After dinner, I went to Lucky’s to buy milk for my mom since she asked me to get some for her. But obviously, I got side-tracked and ended up in the pasts section. I’ve been looking for 100% buckwheat noodles/soba noodles, WHEAT FREE. But I haven’t found one yet. I was so close to buying brown rice pasta, but the fear overcame me once again and I did not end up buying the pasta. One day, I will buy it and enjoy it as much as I want and can.

I strolled around the store and ended up in the “healthy cookies” section. I saw the KASHI Chocolate Almond Butter cookies on sale for 2 for $5. So I bought one box of the chocolate almond butter cookies so i can treat myself once in a while. They expire in July 2014 so i have some time to finish them.

I am so thankful for healthy body/internal organs and legs. Wow, God is amazing.

Thanks for reading.



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