February 14, 2014

I totally forgot it’s Valentines day…

The first time I ever had a legit valentine was last year with my ex boyfriend.. I still remember how we didn’t really get to do anything fun/cute since my parents were quite restrictive with me going out on a school night. But I remember how we went to a viewpoint and just relaxed together.

Today, I only had AP Government & AP Spanish. It was a pretty relaxing day I suppose. I went to a farmers market and the guy at the strawberry/fruit stand was so kind cause he gave me a HUGE strawberry to sample & two dollars off! Woohoo~

I’m about to go out and eat lunch with one of my friends, but I’m scared. I’m SO incredibly scared of the food she’s going to want to eat. Ugh, this anxiety & fear is killing me. ): I’ll probably just end up getting a salad or something healthier on the menu and not end up finishing it.. sigh I hate having and eating disorder. 

Thanks for reading.



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