First college acceptance letter…EVER.

Yesterday was a great day. February has been off to a great start. 

Last night, I was feeling down the entire day. On my way home from getting Panda Express with my young brother, I was worried and anxious about college/college acceptances/rejections. But when I got home and checked my email, I got a letter from Purdue University.. saying… Congratulations! You’re in! 

At first, I was confused and dubious about whether or not this was a spam or actual acceptance letter.. I had to take a sceenshot and ask my friend about it. She said congrats to me too and told me it was a legit school acceptance!!

So even though it’s just a safety school, I’m so thankful I got into Purdue University. 

God truly gave me reassurance and a sense of security, letting me know that my life is in His hands and that I shouldn’t worry. 



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