One Krispy Kreme Doughnut Hole

Today, my mom brought home a box of doughnut holes since one of her coworkers gave her some. At lunch, when I got home, I was really hungry and was craving something a little sweet. I popped in one doughnut hole…. WHY DID I DO THAT. I’m feeling terrible about myself right now and I need some assurance.

I keep thinking– I won’t get fat. It’s okay, it was just one. I need to indulge from time to time and that’s the key to being healthy. Moderation is important. I won’t get extremely fat.

But my eating disorder is attacking me again. It’s relapsing. Crap, what do I do? I really want to just kill myself so much right now and I feel TERRIBLE about myself. I need help.

I’m freaking out like crazy and now I don’t even want to eat ANYTHING else. Omg, I need help.  and assurance..

someone help me… please…

I know this seems really stupid but it’s actually a big problem for me so please respect it. Thank you.



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