January 29th, 2014

Today was such a busy day..

I didn’t even do much but it just felt extremely busy. I’m not sure why.. maybe it’s because I woke up at 630AM to study for my spanish test. Not sure. Well anyways, I started my day off by waking up at 630 AM. Man I was so tired… and then I studied for my spanish test until around 8AM, when I had to start getting ready for school. My first class was AP Government and then my second/last class of the day was AP Spanish. The spanish test went better than I’d expected!

I got home and weirdly, I didn’t feel that hungry. I guess the chia seeds do have their benefits! I love chia seeds now, yumyumyum! I ate poached salmon with asparagus, broccoli, and my homemade tomato soup (Spicy). It was all so delicious!!

In the afternoon, right before work, I looked for prom dresses on etsy. On Facebook, there’s already a senior prom dress group and people are posting pictures of the dresses already! I can’t believe it’s already that time.. ugh but the prom is in May so I don’t understand why they’re doing this. Uh-well… gotta keep looking, I suppose. Then off I went to work! I love tutoring, oh my goodness. One of my most favorite things to do in the world — tutor/teach.

I got home and ate a simple dinner of chicken soup with veggies and chicken breast as well as 1/2 cup of brown rice. I didn’t finish my rice; I couldn’t. The soup not only made me really full, I just had no desire to finish my rice. This progress is slow and steady but at least I ate some rice. After that, I watched Obama’s State of the Union Address on youtube and wrote my paper for AP Government. Then, I went to a small group meeting with college sisters at my church! It was really really small, but it was a great first experience! I want to join in on it more often. I really had an amazing time.

On my way home while driving, I suddenly thought about my dad, who’s sick with the flu right now. I was having my crazy late-night-drive-thoughts and started to cry. I wasn’t sure why so at first, I started laughing but then I kept thinking about how I know God is protecting and watching over my dad, and how my dad will be all right, and also about how I’m such a bad daughter for not showing my dad enough love. This all broke my heart so much I started to cry. I never cried like that in the car while driving before, but hey, there’s a first for everything. I’m really thankful for my dad and I wish I can show him more of my love but our relationship is so distant, it’s hard. But I’m definitely working on it step by step.

Everything is by baby steps. One step at a time.

Thanks for reading. Goodnight my lovelies.



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