“Second Semester Senior”

This whole week went by so quickly, but I was so so busy. I thought second semester was supposed to be relaxing and long..?!

I believe the term is super overrated. What does being a second semester senior mean? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. WI have to work just as hard, and even a little more, than I did back in first semester. People always told me “Oh, it’s second semester, you don’t have to worry or work as hard!” But guess what? If I don’t, and fail my classes, I’m going to get rescinded. 

I’ve actually been working pretty hard for a second semester senior. I have more time to do what I want as compared to first semester, so I go running for fun. It also helps to relieve some stress.

But I definitely did not think being a second semester senior would take so much work. In addition to that, I feel like it’s slightly bit more difficult since I need to find motivation to get through the next five months and not slacking off TOO MUCH.

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