Pure Rye Bread

Image(i got this picture off of google by the way, so this is NOT my own picture)

SO I FINALLY FOUND THE BREAD I WANTED TO BUY. This Beckmann’s Bakery’s Pure Rye Bread. Man, I’ve been looking for this for so long. But today I went by to a local grocery store and bought it! I was so happy to buy it. It’s made of organic rye flour, water, sea salt, and yeast. And oh my, one slice (about 57 g) is only 110! Ok actually that’s quite a lot for a piece of bread but I’m willing to sacrifice my calories for that bread. It’s so delicious and I’m not sure where it has been all my life… It’s so yummy!

I ate it with some avocado/guacamole I made last night. Avocado and bread = happiness for Joanne.

I’m really excited and content about this bread purchase!! It has a lot of fiber as well, so yippee! 

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