January 13, 2014

Happy Monday everyone! Today was actually such a great start to the week.
First, I got my AP Stats test back.. ok I actually did pretty terribly but I mean getting a 83.7 isn’t too bad for a SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR, right? Ha, yeah no. That’s my excuse though!!

And then for AP Government, we had a reading quiz, which I got a 100% on! I barely even read the chapter, but ey, I’m not complaining! Plus I got an extra credit point for getting the current events question correct, yippee!
My day wasn’t that eventful until later after lunch. Well actually during lunch, I went and bought a class apparel crew neck to NOT only support my class, but also to have something extra warm to wear. It’s pretty cute too so, why not?
I went to work today. I tutor and I really wish I can tutor more kids. I’m pretty pricey though, to be honest. But it’s a good pay and my student has been improving A LOT so that’s a relief.

I came home, ate dinner, and did my homework. That’s when my ED attack came in…
But to alleviate that, I went to the gym! I only got to run 3.25 miles today, but I will catch up and run 5 miles daily like how I always used to.

After the gym, I drove by to Lucky’s supermarket and bought two cartons of YUMMY strawberries and half a gallon carton of almond milk. ALMOND MILK IS MY FAVORITE TYPE OF DRINK (after water and coffee, respectively) IN THE WORLD. So delicious and light.
Now I guess it’s time for me to start on my AP Government reading homework… and I’m looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow.

I’m thankful that God loves me and is willing to give me every second of my life to thank and praise Him. God is amazing. God is so good.


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