Saturday mornings and 2014 New Years Resolution

I love Saturday mornings. Not because I get to wake up late, but because I can wake up early, watch some news, and enjoy some quality morning time. I usually wake up at around 730 or 8 AM on my own. I really enjoy watching the news and get a glimpse of what’s going on around the world. I enjoy drinking my typical Saturday morning breakfast– whole wheat toast(s) with almond butter and banana, a 16-oz cup of black coffee, and maybe a fruit or some other side snack. I love just enjoying my meal and watching CNN or KRON4 news. Why can’t I do this every day? And then, what’s even better is that the mornings are so quiet, I can read a book, do homework, or go running without any craziness or distractions. Man, I love my Saturday mornings.

I know I’m a little late on the whole “New Years Resolution: New Year, New Me?” but I’d like to state my New Years Resolution while I can. 

1. Build relationships and connections.

Since I’m going off to college this coming August/September, I know I won’t be able to continue on with the relationships I have with my high schools friends. But while I can, I really want to work on the relationships I have with my friends, family, or peers in general and build upon them. I love the feeling of having a close bond with my friends, whether older, younger, or the same. While I still have five months remaining in high school, I want to build upon the relationships I have already. I also want to create more connections and relationships once I get to college. I’m hoping that in college, I won’t play around too much but just enough to get to know more people in my university, whether they’re of the same major or not, and create relationships. I love having people around me, especially those who encourage me and inspire me to live up to my dreams. Hopefully even once I’m in college, I’ll be able to hold onto the memories and relationships I create before, during, and after that point in my life.

2. Stay fit and healthy.

In 2013, one of my resolutions was to get fit. And guess what? I actually DID start getting fit, losing weight, and being healthy. I started back in February 2013, near the end of my relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I developed an eating disorder in the summer of 2012, right before junior year. I really want to be skinny and have a great body, but that actually went in a different/misleading direction. I lost 15 pounds before junior year started because I exercised more than before and ate A LOT less than before. But to an unhealthy point. 

After losing so much weight, I was really happy with myself. I was happy I had a flat stomach, thigh gap, and overall skinny I suppose. But was I actually?

I ended up being bulimic and then anorexic for quite a while. As of now, I’m trying to recover and get over what has been affecting me these past months/year. And if you have instagram, go follow (username: healthoptimist) ! Full of pictures of healthy food and recipes, too! Please go support my friend and help her reach her goal. 🙂

I will be continuing on with my post but as of now, I guess those are my top two. Thanks for reading!


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