January 10th, 2014

I’m so sincerely sorry for not posting yesterday. I was soooo busy and packed with so much schoolwork. I had three tests today (Friday). I had to prepare for AP Government, AP Statistics, and Physiology. I didn’t do much except study last night so there’s nothing to worry about.

But today, I had the three tests BACK TO BACK. Oh, I felt so stressed and tired.. even though it’s second semester and I don’t have a need to worry so much about academics..or as much as I did last semester. I started the day off with AP Statistics quiz.. I guess it was alright. Then AP Government.. I think I did a lot better than I expected to do. Whew.. and we had a “pop quiz” and we had to follow directions. On the quiz we had to skip to number 11, say WOOT, and make sure we had no other markings (since we wrote with pen). If there were pen marks/answers circled or written, we don’t get full credit. GOOD THING I FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS. WOOT.

Then physiology was alright I suppose. I know I already got a problem wrong so ugh, uh well. My friend gave me a little bit of his Builders Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar! It was pretty good. In class, I ate an apple cut up into several slices. I always find myself getting hungry in third period for some strange reason..

And unfortunately, today during lunch, I saw a lot of my friends together in my friend’s car, ready to go to lunch.. I’m not sure why it bothered me so much. I’m the only one of all my friends with a free sixth and seventh periods so I feel a bit left out whenever they go out to lunch without me. I don’t expect them to invite me all the time but from time to time it wouldn’t hurt, would it? I mean I would do that for a friend so she/he doesn’t feel left out. Like even if they think I’m most likely to say no, …why not still ask? It would be nice to get those invitations.

After I got home, I made myself some lunch with avocado, frozen vegetable, rice, tofu, and kimchi soup my mom made a few days ago. I spent the afternoon enjoying my life, I suppose. I went grocery shopping, watched a Korean drama, and made the cauliflower rice I said I would try. It was delicious, yumyumyum.

As of now, I’m in bed all ready to sleep. I’m so excited for tomorrow morning. I’m not sure what it is but I love planning out meals. I get so excited for them. Well, goodnight world!!



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