January 8, 2014

It’s 9:57 PM right now, and I’m about to finish off the night with AP Government reading… oh the joy.

Today seemed like an extremely long day for me. I only had AP Government and AP Spanish today. Thankfully, it was late-start so I got to sleep an extra few hours. For breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal with a banana, three strawberries (sliced), and a half tablespoon of almond butter. For some reason, I was feeling EXTREMELY hungry even though I already ate so much. So I decided to snack on a Snickerdoodle Larabar. Ugh, how I felt so bad about myself.

Then AP Government went by like a breeze since we went over the class syllabus and did a small reading activity in class. But AP Spanish… oh dear. It felt like three months in that class. Just kidding, it ALWAYS feels like three months in that class. I actually don’t like the class but I can manage an A so I’m taking it. Then FINALLY TIME FOR LUNCH. Pastor Julie and I met at the Whole Foods Market nearby my school. I love the Whole Foods Market cafeteria… it’s filled with delicious, healthy, nutritious food!! Who wouldn’t like it?! 

I got a container full of grapes, melons, kale salad with cranberry and lemon juice and tomatoes, cauliflower rice with lemon juice and parsley, and quinoa. We talked for about an hour and a half or so, and it was really nice being able to spend time with her! 

I’m actually really encouraged to make cauliflower rice soon.. maybe I’ll try it this weekend.

I didn’t get to go to the gym today, unfortunately I have way to much work to do/studying to do. Ugh, but I ate brown rice and sushi earlier tonight for dinner and I feel awfully bad about myself. I’ll go burn it off tomorrow..?

I can’t believe I’m actually spending time studying for each of my classes.. What a studious student I am. Jokes, but I mean a student has gotta do what a student has gotta do, ey?

Well now time for AP Gov reading…. sigh. Goodnight world!


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