First time Zumba

Today was my first time trying Zumba.. like ACTUAL Zumba. I’ve tried it a few times last year in my dance class at school, but that was definitely lowered and greatly modified by the dance teacher due to the abilities of the dance students..

ANYWAYS. I felt really uncomfortable and shy at first. I’m that kind of person. I’m extremely shy in the beginning, but once I get comfortable, I just go all out and don’t really care who looks at me. But today, for the first 10 minutes, I actually had no idea what I was doing with any part of my body, and I didn’t know what the instructor was going to do. I felt so uncomfortable and wondered why I even decided to try it. But after twenty minutes, I got the hang of it all and just followed along. There were people who definitely seemed like they were experienced with Zumba. But others did not seem like it.

I felt more comfortable so I just added my own little taste into every move I did. It felt great.. but I didn’t feel any burn/sweat after an hour of Zumba.. is that normal or is it just me? Usually, I don’t sweat THAT much but when I run, I tend to sweat quite a lot. I honestly think Zumba and Yoga are not as helpful for me as running is, so I’m just going to continue doing my own usual cardio.

Well I just finished a third of my AP Government homework but have not finished my spanish homework at all. Being a second semester senior really makes it hard to do homework. I guess I’ll just go sleep early and wake up earlier tomorrow to work on the rest of my homework. Goodnight world!



One thought on “First time Zumba

  1. hey , so your first impression off zumba seemed slightly pointless i guess as you didnt hurt or sweat, omg trust me it is awsome i been doing it for 3 years now and it not very often your achy the next day witch is a good part off it where i could do aerobics and been in pain for couple off says but not with zumba, i sweat really bad but when you first start something you dont put your all in as you not exactly sure what to do, id defo recommend going a few more times trust me its good cardio and burns up to 800 cals in 1 hour. i love zumba its one off best things i found as never been gym or anything before but all ways liked dancing , defo give it a couple more tries and try going with a friend witch will make it more enjoyable as well. but remember only do the best to your ability dont push your self to hard .. xx

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