January 6, 2014

This is a little late.. y’know just 5 days late. But it’s all good! At least I’m starting now, right?

Today was the first day back at school since winter break. To be honest, it felt really nice coming back to school and seeing all my friends and my ugly school campus. I really missed everyone, even teachers that I really really dislike. But I caught myself thinking about how it felt being a second semester senior in every period.

Wow, I’m already a second semester senior.. This is weird. I can’t believe I’m graduating in five months.. EXACTLY. Time is going by too fast.. This is weird. 

That thought crossed my mind within the first five or ten minutes of every. single. class.. Is that bad? I’m really excited for the next five months that I have left of high school (Monta Vista). But at the same time, I know it’s going to be quite dreadful. I really want to make as much memories as I can with the people that surround me every single day for the rest of the school year. What are the chances I’ll actually keep in touch with 90% of them, or even meet up with any of them? To be honest, VERY VERY SMALL. So might as well make as many memories as I can now so I don’t regret it in four months, when it’s nearly time to graduate.

But now that I’m a second semester senior, I know I don’t have to try AS HARD as I did in first semester, but that doesn’t mean I can slack off every day. Now that I’ve added an extra AP class to my schedule (AP US Government since I had regular Economics last semester), I really need to work a little more than others may have to. I have AT LEAST two quizzes a week for that class… like seriously, cut some slack please…

But I know it’s for my own good. I don’t want to slack off and end up being rescinded to the college(s) I get accepted to later in March/April. Plus, I have to take AP tests in early May! Anywho, I’m really excited for the upcoming five months left of my high school career. As I write this, I’m really thinking about how many things I want to do, and how I should really start my homework.

Actually, I feel like baking so I’m going to bake. I mean it’s fine right? To go bake instead of do homework….? 

Ha, I’m just playing. Of course I’ll do homework… maybe at 10 PM?

Thanks for reading!

Sincerely, me.

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